Rainbow Owl
How does a normal owl become the rainbow owl? 
It is that simple, yet complicated...

Here's how you do it in three steps:
First step:

 You befriend a regular owl. You pet her, you make her feel comfortable. You tell her how beautiful she is to make her happy. 
Second step: 

Hopefully you've succeeded in the first step. From all those compliments, the owl starts to blush. Her cheecks become pink, green. You can see that her ear also starts to change, it's growing and growing.. Her feathers could not contain the happiness anymore.
Third Step: 

The joyfulness cannot be contained anymore. It spread all over her tiny and fluffy body. See? It wasn't that hard. You've complimented the owl and it brought out the best in her.​​​​​​​ Because of you she became the Rainbow Owl!

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